At Lighthouse we support a variety of local events. Please support your local businesses and events, too.

Summerville Italian Festival 
Walk for the Fallen

 We hope you can join us for the event!

Best Seller Cigars:

Flavored Cigars Best Sellers:

  1. Ventura Twyst Vanilla Bourbon

  2. Ventura Twyst Cheryy Mojito

  3. South Beach Vanilla Macadamia

  4. South Beach Cherry Jubilee

  5. South Beach Mocha Latte

A full walk-in humidor and many other smaller humidors on the premises with two cigar lounges. A plethora of events are held on the premises not to mention the monthly cigar club (The Best Ash Club). 

Cigars & Gifts

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A club that meets once a month and with your monthly membership fee you are provided one or two cigars (different cigars are selected each month by the organizer). Perfect if you want to meet new people or smoke with an old friend. All smoking takes place in one of the two smoking lounges on the premises.


Gifts and Accessories:

Kristoff Event

Thursday, March 21st starting at Noon

Come enjoy the NCAA Tournament, great cigars and food.

Saturday March 30th- 15th Anniversary- 9am to 7pm

Premium Cigar Best Sellers:

  1. Rocky Patel Edge Corojo Toro

  2. Asylum 13 Habano Robusto

  3. La Flor Dominicana DL-Digger

  4. Pura Sangre Limited Edition

  5. Sons of Anarchy Toro

Bundled Cigars Best Sellers:

  1. Flor de Oliva from Oliva Cigars, Double Corona size

  2. Quorum Natural Churchill

  3. Nino Vasquez Shorty

  4. Sons of Anarchy Toro

  5. APS Great Cigar Maduro Double Toro

Don't have time for a visit or e-mail? Call us (843) 261-2442.

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Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Want some information on cigars in stock? Want to join the cigar club? Just need some information or want to chat? Contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Hundreds of other cigars and brands are available for purchase in the walk-in humidor and you can enjoy your cigar in the on site smoking lounge. 

  • Cigar Cutters (ranging from $1.00-$45.00)
  • Cigar Lighters
  • Ash Trays
  • Hookahs & accessories 
  • Zippo Butane Inserts
  • Humidors
  • Portable Humidors
  • Pipes & Accessories
  • Other memorabilia and accessories